Built especially for the Australian market, the Cape Advanced Vehicles (CAV) GT40 OZ Edition complies with all the applicable Australian Design Rules and has also been modernised and refined beyond any other GT40 replica kit. The CAV GT40 OZ EDITION is designed for anyone who appreciates a more modern touch to classic motoring.


We believe that the CAV GT40 OZ Edition is not just a car… it’s a work of art.

See for yourself…


Welcome to GT40 Australasia. We are the Australian/NZ distributor of the South African based Cape Advanced Vehicles (CAV) GT40 replica.

The owner, Paul Hewitt, has owned and operated various businesses over many years from a service station to his own aviation company inc flying training (Paul has a Commercial Pilot’s License and a RAAUS flight instructor rating)…. he even built his own Searey amphibious aircraft!

However his real passion has always been cars hence one of his businesses was importing sports cars such as Nissan Skylines, Toyota Supras & Nissan 300ZX’s from Japan and now his new automotive venture is the CAV GT40 OZ Edition.

Paul has always wanted to own a GT40 however with factory original GT40’s selling for over $11 million dollars, the next best thing of course is a GT40 replica!

Paul spent a lot of time researching numerous replica manufacturers both in Australia and overseas before finally deciding that the CAV GT40 was the one to buy.

Why the CAV? Well what impressed Paul the most was quality and safety of the stainless steel monocoque chassis followed by the attention to detail of the rest of the build process therefore he believes it is the best replica on the market at the best price. Also the fact that you can choose an option where your CAV GT40 OZ Edition comes fully painted to your choice of colour scheme… an answer to an issue with many replica car builders due to the difficulty of doing it themselves or the expense of having someone else do it for them. Starting out as an automotive spraypainter by trade, Paul knows better than most what a tremendous advantage this is over other replicas.

After numerous communications over many months with Jordi Reddy, CEO of CAV, Paul hopped on a plane and flew to Cape Town to check out the CAV GT40 for himself.  He found that the CAV GT40 was even better than Jordi had described and was so impressed with Jordi and the CAV GT40 that he went ahead and ordered his own GT40 OZ Edition demonstration vehicle and signed up as CAV’s sole Australian/New Zealand distributor.

Paul is now waiting for his GT40 kit to be hand built and will keep the importation and construction journey up to date on this website.

If you want to know more about realising your dream of owning your own Supercar,  email Paul at gt40aus@gmail.com or call him anytime on 0408 924 089 for a chat.

Follow A GT40 Replica Build Project

Follow the journey of the Australian Importer of the Cape Advanced Vehicles GT40 replica and car enthusiast Paul Hewitt as he builds his CAV GT40 OZ Edition.

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Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams.

For more info visit the CAV South Africa website here

Paul with his Searey amphibian aircraft

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