Tiny Lund
“You go to a big football game. Say there are 100,000 people there. But not one of them wants to buy a goddamn football. You go to an automobile race and there they are—all your potential customers.” — Ford racing executive JACQUE PASSINO. It was February 24, 1963. Thousands of
History of the GT40
Farrari 125S
Ferrari opened his machine factory in Maranello during World War II. But proceedings took a dip months later when American bombers brought the factory to ruins in November 1944. That winter, Luigi Chinetti, a two-time Le Mans champion, linked up with Ferrari. The former, a strong antifascist, had moved to
History of the GT40
Enzo Ferrari
Enzo Ferrari, the Italian auto maestro, set his sight on the next Le Mans. It was the gathering turf of the world’s finest drivers, and the fastest cars. His legal machine was raring to go. But there was problem back home – his only child, Alfred, Dino for short, was
History of the GT40

September 5, 2019

My beautiful body….

Cape Advanced Vehicles fitting the body to the all stainless steel chassis to ensure a good fit. This includes placing the windscreen in situ to check the shaping around it so that once painted it will fit perfectly. Once all the fitting has been done the body will be removed
My GT40 Build  

September 4, 2019

History of the GT40

The sizzling battle to be crowned race kings began in 1963, when two industrialists locked horns, a fight they took to the greatest stage in the automobile race world – the 24 Hours of Le Mans. From the cars that graced the track to the drivers that raced to glory,
History of the GT40