January 8, 2020


The Ford team gathered at the Hotel de Paris the Monday morning following race day. Awaiting them was Ford executive Leo Beebe. The forty-six-year-old was Ford II’s trusted man for progress reports. Sure, the prototypes didn’t hit a home run, but Wyer believed there were positives to take from the
History of the GT40
Led by Dan Gurney, Shelby’s Cobras were outperforming other cars in the GT class. But would his cars hold up until the end? The Texan could only hope so. Shortly after the race entered its fourth hour, a concern sprung up for Wyer’s team. A GT40 had caught fire on
History of the GT40
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December 28, 2019


As the starter dropped the French flag at exactly 4:00pm, the drivers sprinted across the road and into their cars, cranking their engine, hitting the ignition and firing their cars forward in the fiercest fight for speed racing could serve. Phil Hill had problems, though. His engine stalled, when he
History of the GT40

November 30, 2019

Race Day

On the eve of the race, Surtees was interviewed by Stirling Moss, the latter now covering ABC’s Wide World of Sports having enjoyed tremendous successes on the track. In some quarters, Moss was considered the greatest driver to ever grace the race track, but his career was truncated in an
History of the GT40

November 27, 2019

Le Man 1964

Beating Ferrari on his home turf – Le Mans – was something nobody had managed to do from 1960 – 1963. That an American car could rewrite the history was not even conceived, a challenge Ford was ready to take on. Finishing the race alone was considered success, much less
History of the GT40