Found a set of filters to suit my 8 stack. Hopefully they won’t restrict too much airflow!
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Finally got around to painting the Gulf orange stripes. It’s actually quite a big job especially with the nose fitted as there is a lot of taping up to do. My $100 professional spray booth did the job! Turned out well and after letting it dry for a few days
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March 5, 2021


My demo car will be finished in the famous #1075 1969 Gulf Livery as a tribute to arguably the most famous racing car of all time. At an estimated current value of $25 – $35,000,000 USD, you can see that when compared to #1075 the CAV GT40 OZ Edition is
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Had these for a while and thought it was a good time to fit them. They just use double sided tape to attach to the OEM covers so easy to fit and looks good!
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See video below of my first engine start. Roger from Innov8 in QLD, who built the engine and 8 stack and fitted the Motec ECU, had to log in over Team Viewer to adjust some settings before the first start. Had a couple of minor issues with the 02 sensors
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