Had these for a while and thought it was a good time to fit them. They just use double sided tape to attach to the OEM covers so easy to fit and looks good!
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See video below of my first engine start. Roger from Innov8 in QLD, who built the engine and 8 stack and fitted the Motec ECU, had to log in over Team Viewer to adjust some settings before the first start. Had a couple of minor issues with the 02 sensors
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November 29, 2020

Not long now….

It’s been a little frustrating lately as it seems to be taking so long to get to the stage where the engine is ready to start. It’s a big milestone in any car build but I don’t want to rush it either. There has been a few things holding things
My GT40 Build
The Audi 01E gearbox looked a bit ratty on the outside so I thought about soda blasting it then polishing it but finally decided that painting it was the way to go. Chose a colour as close to the Coyote engine block as I could and used a flat clear
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I recently test fitted the Coyote and gearbox and now in the process of integrating the wiring of the Motec into the electrical system and making some minor modifications to the engine block to accommodate the gearshift cables and starter motor. Fitting was easier than I thought but boy is
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