My engineer arrived the other day with all of his self built testing jig and electronic equipment and we did the test. Passed with flying colours and good to get out of the way. My customers will not have to do this test as this data will be supplied with
My GT40 Build
Bolting on the rear suspension is a relatively easy job with just a few little things to consider. It’s important to check all the threads on the threaded tubes on the wishbones etc. I had one wishbone bind up when screwing on so it is a good idea to run
My GT40 Build
Since my car arrived in January I have been a little busy with other projects like finishing off the mezzanine in my shed for a reunion of all my old mates….. some I hadn’t seen for 35 years or so. It was great to catch up with those maniacs and
My GT40 Build
The new car had a massive 427-cubic-inch V8 mounted behind the cockpit. It was the biggest engine Ford had ever tucked into a production car. Lunn explained what the car was all about and the modifications they made. The engine was equipped with high-compression cylinder heads, a special high-rpm camshaft,
In Modena, Surtees was a top favorite. The world champion attracted locals and signed autographs as he walked the streets. However, as the 1965 season gained momentum, tension grew at the Ferrari factory. From broken engines to bent metal, Surtees suffered a turbulent start to the season. To compound his
History of the GT40