New tyres…

Finally got around to buying some tyres as looking forward to actually getting this beast on the ground!

Like many things there is a tyre shortage in Australia especially for fairly uncommon sizes like my 315/35/17’s on the rear. The 225/45/17’s for the front are easy to find and reasonably priced. Other than my preferred look and to be able to fit bigger brakes, reasonable cost was also a factor in choosing 17′ wheels.

Nitto 315/35/17
Nitto 225/45/17
Just waiting for brakes….

Getting there…

I’m 90% finished but still waiting for my new Wilwood brakes from the US. Wilwood has been snowed under with orders and with hold ups in manufacturing due to Covid it has been a long wait.

In the meantime I am finishing off the interior and exterior trim and all the other bits and pieces…

Bulkhead glass
Bulkhead carpet
Centre console
Rear clamshell vents

Gulf Oil orange stripes….

Finally got around to painting the Gulf orange stripes. It’s actually quite a big job especially with the nose fitted as there is a lot of taping up to do. My $100 professional spray booth did the job!

Turned out well and after letting it dry for a few days I added the dark blue pinstripe to the edges.

It’s certainly getting towards the pointy end of the build so hoping to have it completed by the end of April.



My demo car will be finished in the famous #1075 1969 Gulf Livery as a tribute to arguably the most famous racing car of all time.

At an estimated current value of $25 – $35,000,000 USD, you can see that when compared to #1075 the CAV GT40 OZ Edition is an absolute bargain!

I was fortunate enough to see the famous #1075 in person at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed (see photos below). The weird thing was I thought that it was a replica and I only found out it’s real identity later in the day when reading through the information guide!