• Can I register a CAV GT40 OZ Edition for road use?

    Yes, however even though the ICV system in Australia is a Federal scheme, road registration procedures differ from State to State. Contact us for more information relating to your State.

  • Can I see a complete CAV GT40 OZ Edition in person?

    Yes… GT40 Australasia has its demo GT40 OZ Edition in production right now in Western Australia and is available for inspection anytime and once completed, available for interested parties to be taken for a demonstration drive.

    There also may be a customer building their CAV GT40 OZ Edition in your state so contact us for more details.

  • Does the CAV GT40 OZ Edition have air conditioning?

    Air conditioning is a standard and much needed installation due to the fact that you can’t wind down the door windows!

  • What styles of wheels can be fitted?

    The CAV GT40 replica is designed to be fitted with classic style 5×4.5″ centre lock wheels. We offer either BRM or Halibrand styles in a range of sizes from 15″ to 18″.

  • What gearboxes can be installed in the CAV GT40 OZ Edition?

    The CAV GT40 OZ Edition is designed to accommodate two styles of transaxle gearbox: either the 6-speed Getrag (Audi 01E) or 5-speed ZF. The Getrag transaxle is compact and lightweight with a familiar shift pattern. It is also the less expensive choice. The ZF transaxle is larger and better to suited to more powerful engines. It features an original-style dog leg shift pattern.

  • Getrag / Audi / Porsche - what is the difference?

    Our 6-speed transaxle is the familiar Getrag 01E. Confusion arises when referring to Audi and Porsche variants of this gearbox. In truth they are all similar and were used in various applications at Audi and Porsche. Getrag is however the core manufacturer. For our application, we specify a 2-wheel-drive version with 108mm output shafts.

  • What engines can be installed in the CAV GT40 OZ Edition?

    The CAV GT40 OZ Edition is designed to accommodate a wide range of engines however due to emission regulations in Australia, it may be difficult to fit older engines so the amazing Ford Coyote is the recommended choice in Australia. If choosing an alternative engine make sure that it will be able to pass current emission requirements.

  • What suspension systems are available?

    The CAV GT40 replica is equipped with double A-frame wishbones at the front and multi-link geometry at the rear. Base models feature polymer bushings at the front. This can be upgraded to a fully adjustable rose-jointed system. The rear suspension is rose-jointed and fully adjustable as standard.

  • What brake systems are available?

    The CAV GT40 replica’s standard option is a Wilwood brake system. Base models feature 4-pot calipers and 300mm vented discs at each corner. Upgraded brake systems include calipers with larger diameter pots, slotted discs and performance pad compounds for up to 70% greater performance.
    Other high performance options for larger wheel choices will be available shortly.

  • I am tall so will I fit in the CAV GT40 OZ Edition?

    Here at CAV we build some of the most accommodating and ergonomic GT40 replicas. Our standard configuration is suitable for drivers and passengers up to 6’4″. We are happy to make customized changes for those who are taller.

  • How much does a CAV GT40 OZ Edition weigh?

    Total weight depends on final specification but our GT40 replicas usually tip the scales at 1160kg (2550lb).

  • How is the chassis constructed?

    The CAV GT40 replica features a TIG welded monocoque chassis constructed from Stainless Steel 304. To our knowledge, we are the only GT40 replica manufacturer in the world to do so. Each panel is 3D modeled, lasercut and CNC bent before being hand welded in our proprietary jig system.

  • How is the body constructed?

    The CAV GT40 replica body panels are constructed from glass reinforced polymer utilizing high-temperature vinylester resin. The molds of our body panels still retain features from the original GT40s on which they are based. Each panel is hand laid prior to setup on the Stainless Steel monocoque chassis. Several incubation cycles purge solvents and release internal stresses; nurturing a strong and stable final product.

  • How much does a CAV GT40 OZ Edition cost?

    Since most of our kits have optional parts the final cost depends on your requirements. Please contact me for more details.

  • How do I order a CAV GT40 OZ Edition?

    It’s as simple as deciding what options you require, signing a sales contract and providing a 20% deposit. Further payments are required as the various stages of production are completed. When your kit is ready it is loaded into a 20ft container and shipped to your nearest port. GT40 Australasia is here to help and support you through all stages from start to finish.

  • How long does it take the factory to build a CAV GT40 OZ Edition and have it ready to ship?

    Typical factory build time to have your kit ready to ship is approximately 6 months. In some instances this can be reduced to as little as 4 months. Speak to us for more details and specific time lines.

  • Do you provide an build instruction manual?

    Yes we provide a comprehensive and detailed manual with many photographs. Paul will also be available any time to offer advice throughout the build process if needed.

  • How long will it take me to build a CAV GT40 OZ Edition?

    Depending on your skill level, it will take approx 600 man hours to build your CAV GT40 OZ Edition.